A Soaring Summer Experience

Kids in Motion “Get the Wiggles Out” (Grades 1 – 3)

Kids in Motion – Get the Wiggles Out Specialty Area

This is a specialty area just for children entering Grades One through Three, who will enjoy a fun-filled, lively curriculum that will keep them hopping, skipping, and dancing.

The theory is that motor activities combined with music, meditation, and mindfulness activities will yield gains in young children’s coordination and concentration.  Activities build endurance and improve core strength.


 Here’s a sampling of activities children can expect:

Musical Yoga Mats. Each mat will be labeled with a different yoga pose. The music starts and everyone advances through the mats. When the music stops, children will strike whatever yoga pose is on the mat they land on. It could be the cat, kangaroo, mouse, snake, giraffe, or others.

Magic Wand Rhythm. Children will use all kinds of fun fabrics and glittery materials to make props for dancing. The rhythm wands will add a sparkly touch to children’s movements.

Giant Bowling. Oversized, inflatable bowling balls and pins yield winning results for young bowlers transformed into Giant Bowlers.

Musical Monster.  In this game, no one is ever out. Each monster square has a colorful image on it, with the pictured monster engaged in playing the drums, trumpet, or just jamming. Whatever square you land on when the music stops, you imitate the monster’s actions or you can simply improvise a dance move.

Jazzy Jenga. Build a tower together then take turns extracting blocks. Each one will be coded with a special direction.  It may call for a group crab walk, ten jumping jacks, or hopping in place ten times.

Pirate Fun. We’ll be walking the plank, and practicing walking heel to toe across the room.

Spy Time. Young detectives will create a structure with yarn and see how stealthy they can be by crawling through it.