A Soaring Summer Experience

Area Specialties

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings,  children go to their Area Specialty, where they are immersed in an area of interest.  On some days, they enjoy field trips related to their Area Specialty, such as a sketching trip to a scenic location for Studio Art children or an “Out on Location” video shoot for children in WPKN-TV.

Activities listed vary by age group and are possible offerings, subject to change.

AREA SPECIALTIES (Grades 1 – 6)   Click on links (in blue) to learn more about each area specialty.

Studio Art – Create with two and three dimensional materials and processes; candlemaking, woodworking, clay, mural art, mosaics, nature observation and drawing, field trips for sketching

AREA SPECIALTIES (Grades 1 – 3 only)

Performing Arts “Scenemakers” – An introduction to Performing Arts – Dramatic arts, theater games, music, movement, and improvisations; short performances

Sizzlin’ Science – Discover, invent, explore, hands-on active fun;  In Egg Drop, your challenge is to prevent an egg from shattering when the teacher drops it from the building’s roof; create a clay volcano, a bottle rocket, and a solar oven to make a s’more

Kids in Motion – parachute games, Team Yoga games, activities with scarves, balloons, and beach balls,  core strengthening and balance, music and movement

Games Galore  – Play a variety of cooperative and competitive gym games, indoors and out

AREA SPECIALTIES  (Grades 4 – 6 only)

Performing Arts “Pegasus Players” – Theater games, skill building, character development, scene creation, improvisations and short productions.

Incredible Adventures – The Great Outdoors awaits! nature-based exploration, plant identification, shelter design/building, team building, field trip

Think Tank  – Calling curious minds! Robotics, coding, strategic games, rocketry, exploration of how things work, and field trips

TV Production/WPKN  –  Sign on to the crew! Videotape Pegasus activities, go to the WayCAM studio for Thursday production sessions,  use green screen technology to create Super Sillies segments and music videos, go out on location to a rockin’ destination in our community.


Stephen C., WPKN Participant on Being Part of the WPKN Crew

“We get to use an amazing studio at WayCAM cable TV, where they produce TV shows. I don’t think any other camp would have anything like that.”


Performing Arts


Sizzlin’ Science

Studio Art

Studio Art









WPKN Green Screen fun

WPKN Studio

WPKN Teleprompter

WPKN in the green room

WPKN in the green room









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Games Galore

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