A Soaring Summer Experience

Studio Art

In Studio Art, young artists explore with a wide variety of materials and processes, ranging from paint, to collage, to huge three dimensional structures.  In any given day, students have access to a plethora of choices, which in turn allows them to explore their world, and express themselves.

Activities Include: Clay, Three-Dimensional Sculpture, Woodworking, Watercolor Painting, Mosaics, Mural Art, and Habitats!


REFLECTIONS  ON A SUMMER FIELD TRIP                       



It was wonderful to take our “art” outside to the Wayside Inn Grounds and the Italian Garden at the Codman Estates. When we went on field trips, the children took their sketching assignments very seriously.  Some just loved sitting on a big rock to sketch a nearby pond with ducks swimming languidly.  Others sat on the ground as they studied the sculptures in the Italian Garden…clutching their colored pencils  and looking very pensive. When we returned to our studio at the site, I displayed their sketches on the tables.  When it was time to leave, they were very determined to take them home, and that’s  not always the case with children and their artwork.

Beth Kilburn, Art Specialist



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