A Soaring Summer Experience

Games Galore

In Games Galore your child will play a wide variety of games and sports, both competitive and cooperative.  Each day, students play a game with their age level, and another with a mixed age group.  Our specialists know a variety of games, ranging from the classic to the zany, and they are always fun and fitness focused.

Games Elective means more children join the Games Galore crowd. Very often, the two groups combine for an even bigger game and bigger fun.

                                                                                             Games Electives Leader

                                                                                            Christian Kilburn (2015):

pegasuschristian“I came to Pegasus when I was a kid so being here brings me back to being a kid. It’s a lot of fun working here. I like introducing new games – even though kids do request some favorites all the time. The children do get excited when they get a chance to try different things.

“Some of these kids stay here for the whole morning. There’s lots of running, and doing different games works the mind. They’re learning strategies, both as individuals and as part of a team. They’re learning how to work alone and as part of a team. We see that as games go on, players are building strategies, like in handball. They’re picking up what works and what doesn’t and figuring out the most effective way to play.”

Activities Include: Games from Around the World, Scavenger Hunts, Outside Exploration, Capture the Flag, Soccer, Baseball, Olympic Games, and Obstacle Courses.

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