A Soaring Summer Experience

TV Production, Grades 4 – 6

TV PRODUCTION (Grades 4 – 6)

Wayland Pegasus Kids News (WPKN) participants videotape all that is happening at Pegasus, gaining a firsthand view of all of Pegasus’s enrichment programs. We also create fun “commercial” breaks, learn television production cues, work in a real tv studio (WayCAM at Wayland High School) and learn how to videotape, interview, and produce real TV.

Activities Include:

TV Production, Videotaping,  Skits, Field Trips, & Weekly Working Sessions in Cable TV Studio. In each session, we find a destination in the area that we think will be of interest to Wayland children. For Rockin’ Road Trips, we might highlight a local business, showcase a wildlife preserve, or historical sites.



If you are entering Grades 4, 5, or 6 at Pegasus, you can sign up for television production. Can you tell us about this program?

Yes, it’s called WPKN, which means Wayland Pegasus Kids News. At Pegasus, school age children choose a “Specialty Area” that really interests them. It could be art, drama, science,  games,Think Tank, Incredible Adventures, or Kids in Motion.  WPKN is one of the specialty areas.  Children spend Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings in whatever Specialty Area they select.

What do the children do in WPKN?

WPKN is a program on the move. It’s great for children who enjoy being active, who are curious about what everyone at Pegasus is doing, and who enjoy being part of a creative process. The children look very professional as they go in and out of Pegasus activities with video cameras, tripods, and clapboards in tow. We often make special credentials, such as Press Passes, hats, or t-shirts so everyone knows the children operating the video cameras are “with the press.”

Do they learn specific skills?

Yes, children are trained in the basics of camera operation.  Everyone gets to practice. They learn:

  • how to compose a shot
  • how to zoom in and out
  • how to pan and tilt the camera

Equally as important, as a member of the “press,” they gain practice in:

  • organizing their thoughts
  • formulating questions
  • preparing short introductions
  • reading from a teleprompter
  • speaking with poise and confidence

Who provides the training? 

Jim Mullane and Connie Burgess are the WPKN Area Specialists.  Jim is the Executive Director of WayCAM, Wayland’s community access channel on cable TV. He is also a Television Production teacher at Wayland High School, and has a background in performing arts as both an actor and teacher.

Connie is on staff with Wayland School Community Programs, and has many years of experience teaching television production to elementary school students. She guides children as they develop ideas for TV reports, write the scripts, and produce them in the studio. Connie has worked in print journalism and television (WGBH-TV, Boston)and as a professional freelance marketing writer.

Where is the program held?

In addition to capturing all of the Pegasus happenings, WPKN’s production team has a weekly session at WayCAM’s state-of-the-art studio in the Field House at Wayland High School.

We also venture into the community for a field trip each session. Past destinations have included: The Boston Globe, WBZ-TV, Wayside Inn Grounds, The Planetarium at Framingham State University, and the Wayland Police and Fire Departments. In the past, the children designed and planned their own shoot, choosing “Fun Spots for Kids” like the Wayland Community Pool and the Hannah Williams Playground.

Why is WPKN so much fun?

The children tell us they love going “out on the beat” at Pegasus, being part of a TV crew, and capturing what’s happening around the program. Coming up with ideas for “Super Sillies” segments and taping kids at Pegasus on “Crazy Hat” or “Superhero” days is exciting and fun!

In the studio, children enjoy being in front of the camera in the “green” room. They are fascinated by the special effects and by the virtual  sets that transport them to football fields, fancy news sets, or virtual kitchens. They even master how to operate the teleprompter and the audio board.

What are some of the benefits of being involved in WPKN?

Creating a television show each session is a dynamic, creative endeavor. For that reason, many children return each summer and many enroll for both sessions. WPKN is ever-changing, and the young participants are constantly learning and improving the range of their skills and the depth of their knowledge.  We are a spontaneous program as well. If the children hear about something exciting happening in another Specialty Area, we send a crew in and capture the excitement.

Many of them continue their interest on “tech” crews in middle school, and within a few short years are students in Jim’s classes at Wayland High School.  Our current leader-in-training is a graduate of WPKN,  who went on to take Jim’s classes at Wayland High School, and has just finished his first year of college, majoring in Film Studies.

Children seem to grow in confidence through WPKN participation.  A child who may appear very shy suddenly blossoms on camera.  For other children, being the floor director in the studio – listening for cues from the director in the control room and passing them on to the talent – is an empowering experience. Most of all, TV Production at Pegasus is a fast-paced, high energy program that brings out the “star power” in every child.

 What hours will my child come if we sign up for TV Production?

You would need to sign up for the standard program, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 1 pm. TV Production is a two-hour block Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.